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Frail Sincerity was born in early 2014 when Neil Haworth (a.k.a. Legend) decided to bring together some close musician friends with the intention of writing an album based on hard rock principles with the classic 70/80s vibe thrown into the mix .


Working with Gav Bartlet (Drums), Matt Bougourd (Bass) and vocalist Zoltan Pallot - the 10 track self-titled album was recorded between May and July 2015 at  Val-Au-Bec Studio, Jersey under the expert engineering of Sam Falle.



Since its release in August 2015, the album has received great reviews in the USA, Europe and the UK and is getting repeated airplay by established radio stations such as Crimradio (USA) and Templo do rock (Portugal).


In December 2015, Marco Morosino joined the band on second guitar to give the band more diversity in its live performances and help write material for a follow up album due to start in 2016.


The band played their first live gig in Jersey on January 2016 and more live dates are being planned for the UK, Europe and North American..

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